DIY Mug Makeover



    a fun DIY project that is chic and simple, and the results are endless. This mug makeover can spruce up old boring mugs in your cabinets, or they make great gifts any time of the year. Check out my how-to below.

    If it’s your first time using the pen, you’ll want to shake it to mix the paint up.  Test the pen on paper first, you might have to press up and down on the tip to get the paint flowing.  Draw or trace your design buy cheap generic viagra uk (you could use a stencil!).  If you make a mistake, the paint is easily removable from non-porous surfaces with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip before it sets.

    Allow your design to dry for a few minutes.  Then put your mug into the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to allow the paint to set permanently. Remove and let cool.  Your new mug is now ready to use or to be gifted!

    I tested my mugs with hand washing, and they did great.  To be safe, I will keep them out of the dishwasher.  Also to be safe, keep the paint away from the lip of the cup where you put your mouth.

    Happy mug makeovering!



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    November 12, 2014



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      December 12, 2015

      Dear Sarah
      my wife adores your work. How do I go about buying it? I am sorry to sound so crass but cannot seem to find any stockists in the UK.

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      Amanda Nowlin

      April 15, 2016

      Do you use fine or extra fine?