Omelette Muffins


I’ve been making lots of omelettes lately. Mostly for dinner! They are always satisfying, protein rich, quick to make, and easy to clean up. I got a little creative with my omelette this morning… Introducing the omelette muffin.

They couldn’t be easier to make…


(makes about 14 muffins)

1 dozen eggs

half a carton of baby bella mushrooms, cleaned and chopped

half a medium size onion, diced

large handful of kale, de-stemmed and chopped small

1 cup of cheese of your choice (I like gouda)

1 teaspoon of garlic salt (or more for more flavor)

1 teaspoon of pepper

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Whisk the eggs in a large buy generic viagra canadian pharmacy bowl. Throw the remaining ingredients in and mix thoroughly. Spoon into muffin tray, until each is about two-thirds full. I recommend using muffin liners–I used metallic ones because I had a feeling the paper ones would stick to the eggs. If you don’t use the liners, the egg is difficult to clean from the muffin tray, even if you grease the tray. Trust me on this one. Bake for about 15-18 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean from the center of a muffin. Perfect high protein/low carb snack, or breakfast on the go. I even like them cold!




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January 4, 2015