How to: Delicate Beaded Necklace


wrapping is one of my favorite jewelry-making techniques. I learned how to wire wrap when I interned with jewelry designer Amanda Keidan back in 2004. Once I got the hang of it, it took my jewelry-making to a new level. It’s a really simple technique that creates unlimited possibilities.


Beads of your choice.  These are faceted aqua chalcedony beads.


Chain: I recommend at least 16″, more if you want your necklace to turn out longer.


Wire, depending on the size of the hole of your bead, probably around 20-24 gauge. (The higher the number the thinner the gauge.) A clasp (I like the lobster clasp!) and a jump ring.


Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutters. As Aczeb always says, “the right tool for the job will make your life a lot easier.”


Take your round nose plier and make a loop at the end of a 3″ piece of wire. Leave some excess wire at the end of the loop, you will wrap this around the base to secure the loop’s hole.  Before wrapping the end, slip the chain into the loop. Hold the loop flat with the round nose plier and pinch the end of the wire around and around the base with the flat nose plier, until the end is completely wrapped and tight around the base (like below).


Slip as many beads onto the wire, and bend the wire however you like.  I always think odd numbers of things look best together and create nice balance.


Now that the beads are on the wire, you will make another loop at the unclosed buy viagra no prescription uk end. Loop the wire around the round nose plier to form a circle close to the bead so there isn’t any extra wire space. Leave excess wire to wrap around the base like you did before. Don’t forget to slip the chain into the loop before you wrap the ends around the base!


Now you should have one long chain attached to your row of beads on either end.  Measure how long you’d like the necklace and cut the ends.  Next we’ll add a clasp for easy on/off removal.


Take two 3 inch pieces of wire and attach to the newly cut chain via the loop method. Wrap the excess ends around the base to secure the chains to the wire.


Next I add another bead for a more decorative finish near the clasp.  After you wrap the loops to the chain, but a bead on the wire before looping again.  In the same way you slipped the chain into the loop before wrapping the ends, this time slip a clasp. Then wrap the excess end of wire in a circle around the base of the loop. Be sure to make the second loop close enough to the bead so there is not any extra room in between the loop and the bead.


Do the same for the other side, but inside of slipping a clasp into the unfinished loop, slip in a jump ring for the clasp to latch onto.


You are done!


The finished product!  Looks great on its own, or makes a great layering piece.


Questions? Leave them in the comments below.

Happy wire wrapping!



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    January 30, 2015

    This is so cute 🙂

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      January 30, 2015

      Thanks Karla!!

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    July 27, 2015

    what a wonderful idea for gifts; i have numerous birthdays coming up, not to mention the holidays! Thank you for sharing your artistic endeavors.