How to: Faux Calligraphy

If you are a doodler, I think you’ll love this technique. I’ve always had a knack for drawing block letters, you know graffiti-style, chunky letters that are somehow YELLING the words they spell. They have always come naturally to my hand, I can literally draw them in my sleep. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with new types of decorative penmanship, mostly to address gifts and notes, (the screaming block letters just aren’t suitable for baby shower gifts and thank you notes anymore). I discovered faux calligraphy on Pinterest.
It’s exactly the technique I’ve been looking for, and it couldn’t be easier.

You can do it with any writing utensil, just make sure you have a nice can you buy generic viagra in canada sharp, fine tip.  I’m using a Pentel fine point black marker.


Freehand your word or phrase.  You can do it with pencil first, or practice on a scrap piece of paper to warm up.


Now that you have your word(s) down, go back and trace over all the down strokes to make them thicker and fuller. Just the down strokes!sarah-arrows

Each time your pen stroke goes downward to write any part of the letter (see arrows above), trace over that part to make it thicker.


Pretty darn easy, right?

Here’s another example. You can add more flair if you like, but the fundamental stays the same. I’m obsessed!


And one more.


Hope you enjoy!



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January 23, 2015