Time Lapse: Snow and the City

The boyfriend and I were holed up in the apartment all day, thanks to the anticipation of Snowmageddon 2015. Actually, that’s not entirely true, we hit Whole Foods around 11:30am, which was like the END OF THE WORLD. There were no carts, no broccoli and lines looping around the entire store. Snowmageddon=
 We got back to the apartment and super handy Aczeb set up the camera on my new tripod to create a time lapse of the first part of the snowfall today. Although we haven’t been hit by the bulk of the snow yet, it’s still pretty cool to watch the city whiten, and the sidewalks re-accumulate with snow after being cleared. I’m planning on getting outside to take photos of the complete Snowmageddon tomorrow! Look for updates on Instagram tomorrow: @thesarahjohnson. For those of you not aware of NYC weather, we are expected to be hit with a total of 20-30″ of snow from storm Juno. If it happens, it will be a historic storm for NYC. Cue hot chocolate!

Video by the amazing Aczeb, music: Beautiful World by Colin Hay

Stay safe and warm!




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January 23, 2015