5 Wins

This week was the weirdest week! Mostly because of Snowmageddon, which ended up dumping just 9.8″ on Manhattan, as opposed to the 20-30″ we were all prepared to face. The boyfriend got sick, so I spent most of the week going on Gatorade runs and making cinnamon & sugar toast (how good is cinnamon & sugar toast?!!), and pumping myself with vitamin C.

The evening of Snowmageddon. That’s Leo DiCaprio’s rooftop on the top left! I love my apartment. I try to savor (and photograph) all the sunsets I can. You can view all my sunset shots on instagram #thesarahjohnsonsunset.


My oldest & greatest friend was in town! She just knows me, you know? Knows me to the bone.

New life rule. When I walk by an art gallery, I must go into it. This week: 3 galleries visited.

New life rule. When I walk by an art gallery, I must go into it. This week: 3 galleries visited. This is Danziger Gallery on W. 23rd.


I finally went to see the new Birchbox store in Soho. Love. And now I’m obsessed with LAQA & Co. fat lip pencils.


Found this on Pinterest. Boy did I need to hear this. More on that below.

Overall, the week was really weird, but also really good. I gained some important creative/professional clarity. I’ve been waiting for several weeks (hmm, maybe months) for some big news to surface that would direct my course in the coming months. Although the news was not what I hoped for, I feel great about it. Instead of feeling rejected, I immediately said to myself, “OK Sarah, the Universe has other plans of how you should be sharing your gifts with the world.” And I really believe it. Because I haven’t had a full blown freak-out about this opportunity not manifesting, I’m already aware of other opportunities presenting themselves–all in the same week.

So let this be your friendly reminder for whatever doors didn’t open for you this week, or last month, or last year. Stop treading water and dwelling on what might have been or what never was, or pursuing things that don’t let you share the real inner YOU with the rest of us. Start pursuing what the Universe wants to manifest for you (or perhaps already is manifesting for you), and tackle opportunities that lift you and let your favorite parts about yourself flourish.

I’ve lost sight of my TRUE gifts for a little while now, and have been pursuing some opportunities for the wrong reasons. It made me feel exhausted, stressed, anxious and just plain bonkers for a long time. I truly felt like I have been trying to keep my head above water, like I’ve been trying to run full steam ahead into 100 mph wind. I am guilty–I forgot that I loved to swim! So I am swimming again. And it feels so so good.

Just my two cents. HAPPY FRIDAY.




Image of Danziger Gallery from Danziger Gallery’s facebook page.


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January 31, 2015