Flowers as Food #1/Rose Muffins

Welcome to my newest series, Flowers
as Food
. I have so many exciting ideas for this new collection of posts. I was thinking about how much I love flowers, and how much I love food. And bam, the idea just hit me over the head. It’s purchase pfizer viagra online 100% visual, so I will let the images do the talking. I hope you love it as much as I do. I can’t wait to share more of this series!


IMG_9739-2 IMG_9747IMG_9741-2 IMG_9752






I am a lifelong New Yorker who recently swapped the subway for the California sunshine. I've learned the only way out is through--and tough stuff makes you a whole lot stronger. Currently hooked on planning & organization, kombucha, succulents and my labradoodle child. You can usually find me in the #sisoostudio, working on my latest DIY project, designing gemstone & crystal jewelry, daydreaming about one day operating a flower farm, and spreading the Finnish spirit of sisu everywhere I go. Visit me at the links below to connect.

January 30, 2015