Dip Dyed Marshmallows


    is a super-easy DIY dip dye marshmallow project. All you need is some food coloring and a package of marshmallows. Make several bowls of different colors to dip the marshmallows into, and let marshmallows dry on wax paper or non-absorbing surface.  I used half a cup of water for each color, mixed with McCormick Food and Egg Coloring Dye.

    IMG_0522 IMG_0533IMG_0547

    Dusty rose: 14 drops of red + 6 drops of blue

    Orange sunset: 17 drops of yellow + 3 drops of red

    Lime green: 17 drops of yellow + 5 drops of green

    Pretty purple: 15 drops of blue + 5 drops of red

    This would be a fun project for kids. Happy dip-dying!



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    January 31, 2015