Vintage Tin Succulent Planter

case you forgot, or you are just joining me…I LOVE SUCCULENTS. Here is another spin on my popular vintage tea tin succulent post. I found this pink and gold vintage tin on Etsy and planted about 8 succulents of different diameters and heights to create a more dramatic version of the tea tin succulents.

IMG_0593-2IMG_0587-2IMG_0597-2IMG_0579-2The tin does not have a drainage hole on the bottom, so like I do with the tea tin succulents, I mist the planter with a little water from a spray bottle every few weeks as per my florist’s instructions. Do not overwater, the succulents will die if their roots are too wet for too long. Be sure to add a variation of succulents to your vintage tin to keep the planter interesting. There are so many kinds and sizes of succulents, the possibilities are endless! And as long as it’s near a window where it can get plenty of light and (infrequent) waterings, it will flourish and make your space so very happy.

I’m always on the look-out for interesting pieces that could serve as succulent planters. I’m happy I found this tin in such a bright cheery color, it brightens up my neutral apartment with a pop of color.

Happy planting!




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    July 29, 2015

    when you plant some thing in a container with no holes at the bottom, in order to prevent the plant from being ruined, you should add some coal to the soil, at the bottom of the container,
    lots of love

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      July 30, 2015

      Great tip, thank you for sharing!