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How to: Make Lavender Honey Lemon Soap

lavender-honey-lemon-soap-DIY-2lavender-lemon-honey-soaplavender-honey-lemon-soap-packagingMaking your own soap is very satisfying. Not only can you choose what kind of soap base you use, you can also choose from endless possibilities of scents, colors and textures. And even better? You get to share your handmade delicious smelling creations with friends and family. The official process of making soap from scratch is rather involved (remember Fight Club?). But there are a lot of resources (Amazon, craft stores) that sell “melt and pour” bases, that you literally just melt and add your desired colors, scents, textures (oats, poppy-seeds, dried flowers etc) and pour into molds. It’s a much easier and faster method–but you can still get very creative with your soap.

2 lb goat’s milk melt-and-pour soap base (I found mine on Amazon, this yields about 6-8 bars for me in a 3.8 oz bar mold)

1 lemon rind, zested

3 tablespoons of dried lavender buds

2 tablespoons of honey

15 drops of lavender essential oil

6 drops of lemon essential oil

Jar or bowl for melting soap base (in microwave or double boiler)

Grater (for zesting)

Silicone mold


Chop soap into smaller pieces. It will melt faster this way. Place in bowl and microwave (or double boil). Be careful to watch soap and not let it burn.  If you are using microwave, heat in 30 second increments, stirring frequently.


Zest your lemon. Be sure to wrap in a paper towel and press out any extra fluid. This prevents it from clumping together in your soap. Side note: the glycerine in the goat milk soap base acts as a preservative and keeps the lemon rind from molding.


While your soap chunks are in the microwave (or double boiler), measure out your lemon zest, lavender and honey in small bowls for easy adding once your soap is melted.


Once soap is melted add your essential oils first.


Once essential oils have been added and mixed thoroughly, add the lavender buds, lemon zest and honey.


Have your mold ready to go, on a flat, even surface. You’ll want to move quickly before the soap cools too much. Mix everything thoroughly again, and pour mixture into mold.

lavender-honey-lemon-soap-silicon mold

Once mixture is poured into mold, I like to sprinkle extra lavender buds on top for aesthetics. Do so while it’s still warm so buds solidify with soap. Let the soap cool for 2-3 hours until bars are completely solid. You might want to give it an extra couple hours just to be sure!

Pop each bar carefully out of the mold. Take a sniff! You did it. Whew.

Pop each bar carefully out of the mold. Take a sniff! You did it. Whew.


Wrap or package however you like.

lavender-honey-soap-making-DIYIMG_1307 Enjoy your new melt and pour soap skills!










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February 9, 2015
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  1. Reply

    Ashanta Lopez

    April 30, 2015

    I heard that the lavender buds turn a dark color over time, how do you or did you remedy this?

  2. Reply


    October 20, 2015

    Thank you for sharing this soap I loved it,and am going to try it

  3. Reply


    February 23, 2016

    Sounds wonderful. How mch did it cost to Make per bar???

  4. Reply

    Annie C Neal

    May 6, 2016

    Love this! Beautiful photos too, by the way. I definitely want to give this a try.

  5. Reply

    Linda Bacic

    July 28, 2016

    I love this soap! Have been experimenting with Melt and Pour, but gave up because the soap keeps sweating. I’m very careful not to let it boil and all the things they say that might cause this, but gave up. Do you have this problem?

  6. Reply

    Candra Evans

    October 7, 2016

    This soap looks so beautiful! I have been resistant to use lavender buds because I heard that they will turn the soap brown, but I may try your recipe. Love it!

  7. Reply


    November 20, 2016

    Love the recipe and your packaging is beautiful! Where did you find the little lavender sprigs to go on the outside of the packaging?

  8. Reply


    November 29, 2016

    Hi there … before I make a huge mistake, can you clarify that the recipe (3 tbls of lavendar, 2 tbls honey) is for the entire 2lb soap base? I just got confused by the picture that shoes you mixing what appears to be each bar seperately in little containers. Can you not just mix the entire 2 lb soap base with all the ingredients at once? Thanks … they are so cute … making for Christmas gifts.

    • Reply


      November 29, 2016

      HI Sarah, mix it all at once, stir thoroughly, and then pour into the molds! xoxo