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I put a lot of bend in my hair with heated appliances. I also highlight my hair frequently (I’m a level 7 blond naturally). Highlights + heat = fried hair.  So what’s a girl to do? I discovered an amazing product that keeps my waves going strong for 3 days! That means less frequent use of heat, which means healthier, happier hair. Rejoice!

When I was in college, I bleached the heck out of my hair. I was practically WHITE. (It was an addiction.) After years of doing this, a section on top broke off, and I had to chop it all off into a pixie cut. I had no regard for hair care or hair health. I abused my hair, and as a result my hair was straw. Since that experience, I have been obsessed with ways to keep my hair as bright blonde as it can be, while still keeping it healthy. I’ve cut down on my use of heat (I air dry most days or use dry shampoo), I use more products to protect my strands from heated tools, and I do overnight treatments every few weeks.

My sister, Toby, introduced me to this amazing daily styling product from Jennifer Aniston’s hair care line, Living Proof. She has been getting up to a week of no washing with this product along with dry shampoo. Usually after styling my hair and then sleeping on it, I wake up to it being flat and lifeless, and have to use my iron on it again. I can hear my hair crying “help!!!” when I use heat on it two days in a row.

In step the life-changing product, Living Proof’s Amp² Instant Texture Volumizer. I wash, dry and style my hair as normal.  At the very end, I take about a dime sized dollop in my hands, rub them together and then scrunch my hair with it. I do this until most of it is off my hands and on my hair. This stuff is magic! It’s light, it provides flexible hold so my hair still has movement, it’s not drying or crunchy, and best of all, it keeps my waves going even after I sleep on them. For several days! I only wish I had found this product 10 years ago.


Sephora describes the product: “Get touchable texture plus amplified volume and flexible hold for that perfectly imperfect look.” I also love that it’s made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

Cheers to happy healthy hair!






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February 16, 2015
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