Flowers as Food #3/The Pineapple Edition


Flowers as Food is inspired by tulips. Fun fact: tulip petals are edible! Flavor varies from tulip to tulip, but usually the petals taste like sweet lettuce, fresh baby peas, or have a cucumber-like texture and flavor. For today’s purposes buy quality viagra online though, tulips taste like…pineapple!  See the rest of the shoot below.

flowers-as-food-pineapple-2flowers-as-food-pineapple-7flowers-as-food-pineapple-1 flowers-as-food-pineapple-6flowers-as-food-pineapple-4 flowers-as-food-pineapple-5 flowers-as-food-pineapple-3Hope you’re enjoying the Food as Flowers series. If you have any comments of what you’d like to see for this series, please share below!



I am a lifelong New Yorker who recently swapped the subway for the California sunshine. I've learned the only way out is through--and tough stuff makes you a whole lot stronger. Currently hooked on planning & organization, kombucha, succulents and my labradoodle child. You can usually find me in the #sisoostudio, working on my latest DIY project, designing gemstone & crystal jewelry, daydreaming about one day operating a flower farm, and spreading the Finnish spirit of sisu everywhere I go. Visit me at the links below to connect.

February 20, 2015
February 22, 2015


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    March 11, 2015

    This is stunning!!

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