How to: Beaded Knotted Pendant Necklace

an easy DIY necklace technique that will yield countless designs. All you need are some interesting beads and a cool pendant. Try creating different lengths, I like to make them long enough to slip over my head so I don’t need a clasp. They are beautiful layered with other necklaces. This jewelry DIY creates an effortless, bohemian look, perfect to wear with simple sweaters or t-shirts.

Beads, any size (keep in mind the smaller the bead, the smaller the hole, and the more knots required)

Beading thread (make sure the thread is fine enough to fit through the holes in your beads)

Needle (optional, I didn’t use one because the holes in my beads were large enough to thread without)

Pendant with a loop (pendants like the one shown available in my SISOO Supplies shop)

1 jump ring

2 round nose pliers

E6000 glue



Cut your thread about twice as long as you want your necklace to be. Make sure it’s long enough to slip over your head. Make a double knot at one end. Leave enough extra thread at the end.


Thread your beads on one by one. After you thread each bead, tie a double knot as close to the bead as possible. You’ll repeat this simple step over and over until your necklace is long enough.


Here’s a double knot. I’m holding it this way so I have control over how close I tie it to the bead. After I loop it twice, I push the knot down toward the bead with my nails. You don’t want any extra room in between the bead and the knot–it will look sloppy.


Keep tying double knots and adding beads.


I stopped beading and knotting around 28″ long.


Looks cool, right? I love using contrasting thread for added color.


If you have any trouble with any of your knots, use a needle to pick the knot apart so you can tie it closer to the bead.


Once the necklace has reached its desired length, tie one last double knot and trim the end of the thread.


Tie the two ends together, again double knotting. Use a tiny spot of E6000 glue at the end of this final knot to secure it.


Next, put your jump ring through the loop on your pendant, and place it in between two beads on your necklace. Close the jump ring tightly with two round nose pliers.


You are done! The possibilities are endless with this beaded knotted technique.








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February 23, 2015
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  1. Reply

    Claire @ Beads Jar UK

    June 10, 2015

    Lovely design. What kinds of beads have you used? They look quite unusual.

    Claire xo

  2. Reply

    Barb in California

    June 4, 2016

    Very lovely! Will the pendant”s weight cause the cord to break?