Fight Winter With Flowers: A Vase Round Up

Yesterday morning, I took my dog outside, and to my surprise, it felt warm. A big grin came across my face. “Winter is almost over,” I thought. “It’s warming up again.” I checked my phone. It was 25 degrees. Womp womp. Although 25 degrees is indeed A LOT warmer than the -15 degree windchill we’ve been experiencing in NYC, it is not yet spring-like conditions. Although, I’ve decided to embrace a springtime mindset. I’m buying flowers by the bucketload, and placing them in every nook of my apartment. I’m
moving on, winter.
Here are some of my favorite vases from around the web!


Waterscape vases. Were these just rescued from the bottom of the Caribbean? Love the color palette!


Fused gold vase. Bonkers! This one is like the mothership of vases.


Gold heart bud vase. I’d love this on my desk with a single white rose.


Flowering tube barnacle vase. I love it, althought I hope it will not sting or bite me?


Zinc florist’s vase. Love how classic this one is. I’d put some big blue hydrangeas in it.


Faceted gem vase. The jewelry designer in me thinks this is the most perfect vase in the world.


Verses vases. The perfect match, poetry and flowers.


Bubble vase. This would be so pretty with bunches of pink peonies as a centerpiece on our dining table.

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February 27, 2015