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Good day! I mentioned in an
earlier post
, I’ve signed my lease renewal for another year in my current apartment. This will be my third year in the space. I love my apartment, it gets great natural light, it has an open kitchen, my bedroom has huge windows that overlook the Freedom Tower, it’s a green building so the water is all filtered and our electric bill is like $20 (seriously, so cheap!) and I won’t ever find a better view of sunsets over the Hudson river. All that said, I need to freshen up my decor and make the space feel new again. I’m starting with my walls. Here are some inspiring ideas that have me excited to decorate again…


Succulent wall art. This could work in my place since I get a lot of light!


Book shelves. Easy enough to do in a rental space. I love the idea of shelves as storage, and the books as decor.


Just give me white lights on a rustic ladder. Please. Now.


Art on art on art on a corner.


Love these ceramic flowers grouped together to add texture and dimension to a wall.


These are pantone chips, people. PANTONE. CHIPS. Love the vibrancy and texture it creates.


My new obsession, Stikwood. This would be forbidden to do in a rental, but I’m trying to convince Aczeb to let me use these wall veneers all over his condo. Wood paneling made easy. “Plan. Peel. Stik.”


Pixel art! Live life one pixel at a time.


Cityscape photo mural. I love how it feels like the table is in a cafe located on top of the city.


Photo collage. Put all those Instagram shots to good use.


Wall of oversized black and white photography. Wowsa.


Animals heads as wall vase art. The more fur babies the better.


Plate art. Interesting for a kitchen or dining area. Would be fun to find all the pretty plates too.


Shelving, at different heights. I like this because it’s easy to change things up and update as you please.


I don’t have wall molding, but if I did…I love the idea of painting the molding details gold. #ilovegold


Framed fabric! Find complimentary patterns and colors and create a gallery.


Wall molding. Again, not for my rental…but a girl can dream. This would be painstaking to DIY, I imagine. But if I came home to this everyday? I would sleep on the stairs.


This wall decor is made from colored pencils. JEEZ, people are dang creative out there.


Striped accent wall. I would go dizzy if the entire room was striped, but I really like how this area designates the corner of the room as an office space.


Garland! OK, you know how much I adore garland.


Mirrored wall. Amazed at the extra light and sophistication this decor trick creates.


Hand-painted mountain mural. Camping light. You might need to replace your bed with a tent. Just saying. This. Is. So. Peaceful.




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February 28, 2015