How to: Beaded KALE Statement Tee Shirt


you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my post about my new Suburban Riot muscle tee shirt that recently arrived. There is no one who loves vegetables more than me, so the KALE tee was an obvious pick (and if it’s cool enough for Beyonce it’s cool enough for me). I’m no ordinary vegetable lover (former raw vegan here)…I kinda really celebrate vegetables in every way possible. So when I had the opportunity to embroider tiny seed beads onto my new KALE tee, did I? Why yes, yes I did.


Graphic tee

seed beeds

sewing thread



OK! This is not hard, but it is repetitive. So it takes some patience. Start with a long piece of thread and tie a triple knot on one end, and thread a tiny headed needle at the other end. Start under your first letter, and pull the thread through the underside of the shirt so the knot doesn’t show. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know stitch names. (GASP, right? I studied fashion design for two years!) But I call this a loop stitch with beads. Essentially, you are creating a loop through 3 beads at a time, and then down the underside of the shirt, and then back up to the start of the 3 beads, and then BACK through the beads again with your needle and thread, so you finish where the 3 beads left off and can start again. It’s a loop, buy sildenafil 100mg online over and over again. I wouldn’t add more than 3 beads at a time, because they will get loose and floppy. 3 beads sits nicely and securely. Sometimes you’ll use just 1 or 2 beads when you are coming to an angle in the letter. Here is a diagram to better explain the stitch.


When you come to the end of a letter sew down to the underside of the shirt. Tie a few knots by grabbing just a few fibers of the t-shirt, so it doesn’t show through on the front. You can also tie a few times with the end of the knot from the beginning. Start the next letter with a new long piece of thread.

I love how the white beads make the letters more defined from far away, and up close, you can see the beaded texture. I really want to do this on the I TOLD MY THERAPIST ABOUT YOU tee shirt too. That’s a lot of letters! Someday soon I will get to it…

I am hand-washing this tee from now on (with my favorite soap in the world). I don’t think the beads would do well in the washing machine. Another idea would be to not only outline the letters, but to fill them in with beads completely (for those with a lot of time and dedication).

Hope you enjoy this project. Tag me in your creations, por favor!



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