How to: Marble Vase with Nail Polish


seen this simple marbleizing technique around Pinterest for quite awhile, and finally decided to give it a shot. I had a white ceramic vase laying around from clearing out my mom’s house upstate (she is 100% New York City gal now!). I thought a marbled statement on this vase would look cool with just a few small flowers. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I would rate this a very easy, and very satisfying DIY! Read on for the details…

-an old basin or bowl, full of warm water

-nail polish

ceramic vase


Fill basin with warm water. Next add several drops of nail polish and wait a few seconds for them to disperse best place buy generic viagra online into the water.


Next dip your vase into the water carefully. Remove slowly. Voila, your marble pattern is formed! Carefully pat with a paper towel to dry. If there is any area you’d like to fix, use nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Keep dipping until your desired marble effect is achieved. Let dry for 2+ hours.


Voila! That was easy. I would definitely recommend gently hand washing this vase if need be. Try with different colors and on different vases, mugs, jars, etc.

If you love the marbled look, check out my marble coaster project here.



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