No Sew Camera Strap DIY


had some elephant fabric leftover from my framed fabric art DIY, and I’ve been meaning to use it to cover up my generic Canon camera strap for awhile. It couldn’t have been easier. The whole process took about 10 minutes. Below, the details!

Camera strap

Aleene’s Tacky Fabric glue 


measuring tape




Measure the length and width of your camera strap and mark underside of fabric with a pencil. Double the width (for front and back). Add 1″ onto each side of the overall measurement to fold back so you don’t have any rough fabric edges showing.


Cut out the piece of fabric. Fold back the ends and glue them down to the fabric to create a clean edge.


Cover the front side of your strap with plenty of fabric glue.


Once the front is covered and smoothed down, flip strap over and glue purchase viagra from india down one side. Add a line of glue down the last side and fold back onto the fabric to create a clean edge. Let dry for a few minutes.


Once that edge is secure, add more glue down the middle of the strap and fold the edge over to meet in the middle. This folding reminds me of how to wrap a present with folded, clean edges.


Keep smoothing down the fabric, especially at all the edges. Add dots of glue wherever an edge might be lifting. DIY complete!


The finished product. How cool would this be with fur instead of fabric?! Or what if there were baby DIY pom poms or tassels at the ends?! The possibilities are endless for your camera strap!


Ready to shoot!

Love the look, but no time to make? Shop some of my favorite camera straps from around the web below!




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