How to: Make Your Own Scented Hand & Body Lotion

made these scented hand and body lotions as gifts to have on hand. They smell DIVINE, I probably think so because I was able to pick each fragrance! There are so many unique ways to make and package lotion, as well as all kinds of bath and body products–it’s a lot easier than you might think, especially using a few easy tricks of mine!

Remember how I shared in my Lavender Honey Lemon soap post how I used melt and pour soap base? There is a similar shortcut to this project, Satin & Silk Lotion base. I used this base, plus some fragrance oil (also from to fill 4 oz aluminum ointment tubes. It’s really easy, here’s how to do it:

Any kind of lotion base (here are more options from Amazon)

Fragrance oil (I prefer because they are paraben and phthalate free)


Measuring cup for pouring into tubes

4 oz aluminum ointment tubes (or whatever size you prefer)


Small metal spatula (this one works great)

Origami paper

Mod Podge

Paint brush

First and foremost, decorate your tubes. Once you fill the tubes with lotion you will want to fold the ends to close, and it’s impossible to decorate the tubes once the ends are finished. Measure the length and circumference of your tube, and cut out a piece of specialty paper in the correct size. Make sure the paper overlaps a tiny bit (it looks better in my opinion). With a paint brush, spread Mod Podge over the back side of your paper. Wrap it around the tube carefully and smooth out with your fingers. Trim the edge if any paper is hanging off the bottom of the tube. Allow to dry for an hour on its side. (If you keep it standing upright, sometimes cheap viagra 50 mg gravity will pull the paper downward before it dries and the paper will not dry where you put it.)


On low heat, warm the lotion base to 120º F or until it becomes liquid. Do not allow to overheat or boil. Add cosmetic grade fragrance. Stir consistently for about 30 seconds. The base I suggest above can take up to 4% fragrance. In other words, if you melt 20 oz of base (would make five 4 oz tubes of the same scent), you would add 22 grams of fragrance oil to the melted 20 oz of lotion base. (See why you need a scale!?)

Once you’ve mixed the fragrance and lotion base, stand your tubes upright–meaning on their caps. I actually had something like this that helped me stand them up and not spill. But it’s possible to do it without–just be very careful.

Pour the scented melted base into each tube while leaving plenty of room at the top to fold over. I would suggest only filling up about three-fourths of the way to the top. Allow base to return to room temperature. When the lotion is white again, it’s ready to finish the ends. If the lotion is significantly thinner than what you started with, you have used too much fragrance oil.DIY-hand-body-lotion-thesarahjohnson-6

Use the small spatula to fold over the ends. I’m not even going to try to explain this method, instead I direct you to this video for instructions on how to seal an aluminum tube.

Can you believe how easy it is to make your own hand and body lotion? I love this packaging, and covering these aluminum tubes allows for endless possibilities. You can get really creative with different papers for different holidays or occasions.


Hope you enjoy this project.



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October 26, 2015