The End of Something Great


This post is a little emotional for me. I have closed Perfumies after 4 amazing years and hundreds of thousands of Perfumies sold. It was such an incredible run with these adorable pocket-friendly solid perfume sticks, and it’s really hard to feel pulled in such a distinct different direction.

1.PerfumiesJune2012_4_WebShattering my knee in 20 pieces this year has shed A LOT of light on what makes me happiest, what gifts I want to share with the world, and my desire to focus and simplify. I learned so much from this business and it was one of the most rewarding endeavors I’ve ever pursued. It’s time now to explore new avenues of creativity and opportunity. I tear up as I share this because it was such a huge part of my life for so long, if you know me at all, you know how dedicated I was to it. But it’s the right thing to do for me right now.

This was the first professional experience where I experienced true abundance. And it rocked my world. I haven’t shared the story of how Perfumies first started; it’s pretty insane. It was an accidental success. I was DIY’ing bath and body products while stuck in Syracuse one winter helping my mom recover from a shoulder replacement surgery. It was a way to get creative while stuck indoors because Syracuse is a non-stop blizzard for 7 months a year. The bath bombs, soaps and perfume sticks I created turned out to be rather delicious, so I started selling them on Etsy. My dear friend Amy ordered some perfume sticks, and opened them in front of her boss, who worked for a huge party company. Long story short, I found myself in front of the President of that party company 48 hours later, and he wanted 25,000 units. Suddenly, I was in the perfume stick business. And the rest, as they say, is history.9.PerfumiesJune2012_15_WebI’ll never forget the feelings of empowerment, eagerness and opportunity that this business showed me. I will carry the feelings, lessons and magic that I experienced during this chapter with me always.

Thanks again to all of you who shared love for Perfumies. 

Please, promise me you will continue to…smell pretty always.




I am a lifelong New Yorker who recently swapped the subway for the California sunshine. I'm 6'3" tall, and am always working my way through a list of creative projects that's longer than myself. I have a natural curiosity for figuring out how things are made. Currently hooked on Fabletics, dried mango, succulents and my labradoodle. When I'm not blogging here, you can find me designing jewelry, concocting new fragrances for my bath & body shop, daydreaming about one day living on a flower farm, and sourcing and shipping your jewelry supplies. Visit me at the links below if you want to connect!!

November 9, 2015



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