How to: Glowing Succulent Garden

back! And please join me in my #succulentaddiction. Take a peak at my latest home project: a glowing succulent garden. OK, so it’s not really a garden, but I have so many succulents on my bedroom window sill that it feels like it could be a hip little urban indoor succulent garden. Just let this poor New Yorker use the term garden, OK? See below for how easy this DIY is!

Succulents! (Ideally potted at different heights–love these birch bark planters)

Battery operated tiny warm white lights on a green wire

batteries (be sure to check the right size for your wire lights)

Make sure you have batteries in your battery pack. Cluster your succulents close together so your strand of lights will seamlessly connect from one plant to the next. Weave wire around different parts of each succulent. Be sure not to wrap too tightly so as to not damage the plant. I like to turn the lights on as I wrap the wire so I can see how they look as I go. Hide the battery pack in the back of the plants where it’s unseen. This will help you enjoy your succulents at night as well as while the sun shines on them during the day! I love how tiny the lights and wire are. The strand doesn’t overwhelm the tiny plants–it looks beautifully balanced.glowing-succulent-garden-diy-thesarahjohnson-4glowing-succulent-garden-diy-thesarahjohnson-2

Succulent tip: I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to not kill succulents. One word: sunshine. If your succulents are not staying alive, they aren’t getting the light they need. Put them as close as you can to the window and they will flourish. I water mine every one-two weeks, but just a little!!

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