How to: DIY Cabochon Earrings


I’m pretty excited today. This is the first post in my DIY series that I’m supplying components that I MAKE FOR YOU! I’m planning more fun, yet simple projects like this one, where you can customize empty jewelry “shells” with your own flair, but you don’t have to do any of the soldering and plating. The best part? This allows you to create high quality, unique DIY jewelry pieces that you can’t wait to wear. I list the instructions below and where you can buy all the materials in my new Etsy supplies shop, SISOO Supplies.

 –1 pair of gold plated DIY cabochon earring shells (each listing is for 2 earrings plus earring backings)
two (2) 25X18mm oval cabochons (each listing is for a single stone)
four (4) 18X13mm teardrop cabochons (each listing is for a pack of 2) 
four (4) 15X7mm navette cabochons (each listing is for a pack of 4) 
eight (8) 8X6mm oval cabochons (each listing is for a pack of 8)
E6000 glue

(Supplies for earrings total around $30 and up, depending on the stones you choose.)

1) First what you’ll need to do is decide what stones you’d like to use. I’ve put together some combination ideas below based on the cabochon selection in my shop. The possibilities seem endless! Order your supplies and enjoy $2.99 flat rate shipping on all purchases. No matter how much you buy, it’s just $2.99 to ship. Whoop!

2) Once your stones, empty earring shells and glue arrives you are ready to go. Dab a little E6000 on the end of a clean toothpick. You don’t want to use too much glue that it oozes over the edges when you press the cabochon into the setting. And you don’t want to use too little that it won’t make the cabochon stay put.
DIY-cabochon-earrings-thesarahjohnson-11DIY-cabochon-earrings-thesarahjohnson-103) Keep adding each stone carefully with a dot of glue. Start at one side of the earring and work your way up or down. DIY-cabochon-earrings-thesarahjohnson-8

4) Once all the stones are glued into their settings, lay the earrings flat on a book or raised flat surface, so that the back posts hang off the edge. This will allow the stones to lay perfectly flat and dry precisely. Give the glue about 2 hours to fully dry.DIY-cabochon-earrings-thesarahjohnson-2DIY-cabochon-earrings-thesarahjohnson-5

Hope you enjoy this project. Be on the look out for more DIY jewelry posts like this. I’m thrilled to be able to offer you more components, stones and supplies!



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    Priya Sharma

    July 23, 2016

    Lovely cabochon earrings! Simple diy tips.. I would love to make one of those to pair with my new dress.