Pom Pom DIY Inspiration


The only real perk of winter is bountiful pom poms everywhere I look. On winter hats, key chains, slippers, sweaters and scarves. I just want to pet all the pom poms in the world. Is it so much to ask?

There is something so cozy and happy about a pom. They are like winter’s furry little blessing. I’ve recently joined the tribe of pom pom keychain holders. And I gotta say–it’s life changing. Can’t find your keys in your big bag? Well you can once you strap a big furry pom pom onto them. Problem solved. Love you mean it, little pommy.

I’ve been wanting to tackle a pom DIY. I’ve purchase viagra online from canada found this vast supply of individual pom poms at M&J Trimming (one of my favorite places in the world!). Check out their amazing supply of pom poms. I like the idea of a super slouchy hat with a pom pom attached to the top. Or a pom attached to a zipper on my favorite winter coat. Or how about furry pom garland for a mantle–intermingled with some of these tiny white lights?

I’ll keep you posted on what I end up making. In the meantime, scroll through some of my favorite pom pom inspiration below using the arrows!

Stay warm and cozy!


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January 21, 2016