Techsessories #6: Prism Power


I’ve been pinning iridescence and prisms lately, and it got me all inspired to create a graphic. I like how these different prism shapes turned out. The direction of the colors give these downloads a certain energy that makes you want to get up out ya chair, yes? These wallpapers are free for all to download. See all techsessories downloads here. And see all other downloads here. Scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the links at the very end to download the full buy viagra direct resolution images.



:: click to download prism bursts wallpaper

:: click to download prism confetti wallpaper

:: click to download prism hearts wallpaper

:: click to download prism pineapples wallpaper

:: click to download prism triangles wallpaper

:: click to download prism stars wallpaper


Do not share the high resolution images on your blog/website. These downloadable images are not to be used for profit. These images can not be claimed as your own. All artwork belongs to SISOO, or the artist where noted. Not to be used in any other form than the original.



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February 22, 2016