Unleash the Joy

you to Beneful for sponsoring this post and helping dogs everywhere live a more unleashed, joyful life. All opinions are my own. #FriendsofBeneful #DreamDogPark

16179952407_aa9a1607af_o-copy16365834975_a23e44ee2a_k-copyIf you know me even a little, you know how important my furbaby is to me. Quality time with my little Dolly baby calms me, rejuvenates me and reminds me to stay in the moment. She is the heart and soul of my every day–and I’ll do anything to make her happy. Which is pretty simple–she simply requires lots of cuddles, and a whole lot of fetching her tennis ball in the p-a-r-k. (I spell it out a lot because of course that is one of her trigger words!) Living in urban environments like New York and now Los Angeles have never stopped this little girl from getting plenty of exercise–mostly because of her favorite place: the dog park.

16178433560_13ce0eedd0_k-copyI do believe the best thing you can do for your dog is to spend time with him or her. I see the absolute joy it brings my furry little baby to be off leash, outside, and running at top speed until her tongue hangs out of her mouth sideways. No matter the time of day or the weather, she pulls me toward the park. I am in awe of how dedicated she is and how hard she “works” in the park. I’m convinced she thinks bringing the ball back to me makes me happy.
22935100873_384418e188_k copyI feel a sense of accomplishment when she sleeps so peacefully after an afternoon running in the dog park. I am so grateful for my former downtown New York City neighborhood and now westside Los Angeles neighborhood and the beautiful parks we have access to just a few blocks away from home. I also appreciate how the dog park brings my dog-loving neighbors and me together, and helps me better know and connect with my community. I’ve met some great friends in the park (as has Dolly)!dolly-beneful

I wanted to share what Beneful is up to, because their mission is important to me, to Dolly, and to all dogs and their owners across this country. Beneful’s Dream Dog Park Project is an annual effort to help improve and build dog parks across the country. They have been helping to build and/or improve dog parks nationwide for the past 5 years for both dogs and owners to socialize and bond. This year, Beneful will build/improve 12 parks across the country through both financial support and hands on volunteerism.

73% of dog owners polled admitted that their local dog park could use some improvements. When asked what changes they would like to see, responses included:

  1. Shaded areas (34%)
  2. Drinking fountains (31%)
  3. Water features for dogs to play in (28%)
  4. Dog-safe turf (25%)
  5. Better/more secure fencing (24%)

If you are interested in helping Beneful create and improve more dog parks, simply create a post of your own on social media. Beneful will donate $1 (up to $50,000) toward the Dream Dog Park Project for every post shared of your dog (or you) at the dog park with the tags: @Beneful and #DreamDogPark.  You can also link to the #DreamDogPark initiative here. It couldn’t be easier to help support a great cause for all the furbabies in need of a good, safe, clean dog park!

Or if you have a dog park in your community that needs support, Beneful encourages you to create a GoFundMe page and they might spotlight the fundraiser and help increase funds raised! You can find out more here.

I’m giving away one Beneful care package (Dolly is keeping a watchful eye on it in the photo above). In order to win the goodie bag, please follow my Instagram account, and “like” the most recent photo of Dolly running in the dog park. I will choose one person to send the Beneful goodies to on August 1st!

Please check out Beneful’s Dream Dog Park project and help unleash the joy!




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