For the Love of Plants

My new California home is sooooo happy with this new fiddle leaf fig babe! Listen, I know there is no such thing as perfect, but no kidding, this plant is perfect. When I was at Home Depot with my sister picking this baby out, we were waiting to get it re-potted by the nice plant gentleman in the nursery, and about 15 people tried to purchase this very plant when we weren’t looking. I was all, hands off! She’s mine! Shot gun on those stems! Get lost! MINE! Maybe I over-reacted, but when I find my spirit-plant, I hang on tight. Real tight. Now that she’s home, I am taking no chances with her health and well-being. That’s why I am excited to share with you this plant-care trick that has been helping me keep Miss Figgy alive and well. Please, familiarize yourself with ingenious, life-saving, plant-loving product. Drumroll please……

The Secret to Keep Plants AliveThe Secret to Keep Plants Alive

The Plant Nanny!The Secret to Keep Plants Alive

When my sister Toby first told me about buy viagra online switzerland this contraption, I was all, thanks but no thanks. I didn’t want bottles of wine hanging out ma’ plants. But she argued it’s a super efficient way to monitor your plants’ hydration, and fun way to wax nostalgic for a special bottle of wine. Sold!The Secret to Keep Plants AliveThe Plant Nanny is designed to release just the right amount of moisture into the soil. You create the water reservoir by filling an empty wine, water or soda bottle with water. As the soil begins to dry, the device slowly releases more water through gravity/diffusion. It’s so easy to see when the water is low in the bottle and the plant needs more hydration. No guessing, no over or under-watering. Just keep a full bottle of water in the Nanny and your plants stay happy and healthy. Especially perfect if you travel a lot, or if you are just really good at killing plants.

Less work, more flourishing.

Amen to that!The Secret to Keep Plants Alive

The Secret to Keep Plants Alive




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