How to: Customize a Notebook for Mom

I wanted to share this personalized notebook I made for my friend Mimi. It was her birthday last week, and I wanted to put my new beloved Silhouette Cameo to good use to make her a little something. She is an incredible mom and wife, so I thought she’d enjoy a notebook that celebrates her family. (How great are all their names, and for this nature of this project, it’s pretty stinking awesome they all are conveniently four letters long!) If you caught my previous post, EAT SLEEP SLAY, you might know how obsessed I am with my Silhouette– it seemingly can do it all, and I’ve been on inspo-overload since bringing it home. Keep reading to see how easy it is to make a personalized notebook like this for someone you love!

Silhouette Cameo

-Silhouette Studio software (comes with Silhouette)

Adhesive vinyl

contact paper

kraft notebook

-a design you want to cut out (I made mine in Photoshop and saved as a .jpg)

DIY Gift Idea for Mom | Silhouette Cameo Ideas

  1. Upload your design into Silhouette studio software.
  2. Trace the design in the software, change the setting to vinyl media, buy viagra in las vegas change the blade to 1.
  3. Load your media (the adhesive vinyl) into the machine, and click on “Send to Silhouette”.
  4. Once it’s done cutting, cut out the design from the rest of the vinyl so it’s one neat small shape.
  5. Cut out the same size shape in contact paper.
  6. Peel the adhesive off the contact paper and line it up over/on top of your vinyl.
  7. Press the contact paper firmly onto vinyl and rub and smooth all over. (Rubbing with the edge of a credit card helps with this.)
  8. Peel back the contact paper–it should lift your vinyl design all together off the vinyl backing.
  9. Now that the design is on the contact paper, position over your kraft notebook where you want it exactly.
  10. Press down firmly and smooth the design onto the notebook. Life the contact paper from the vinyl and your notebook is ready to go!

DIY Gift Idea for Mom | Silhouette Cameo IdeasDIY Gift Idea for Mom | Silhouette Cameo IdeasDIY Gift Idea for Mom | Silhouette Cameo IdeasDIY Gift Idea for Mom | Silhouette Cameo Ideas

Gold handwritten font can do no wrong, am I right? Please tag me in your creations, I love to see what you make!



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November 18, 2016


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    October 17, 2016

    Love this! Btw, what font did you use? I really like it!