How to: Sew Paint Chip Party Garland

 Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIY Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIYHola! Friends. I got myself a little gift this past Christmas…a sewing machine!  It’s a super well-reviewed Singer 7258 100-stitch computerized model. I’m enjoying getting back in the sewing groove. (Psssst! I’m working on a new jewelry collection that includes sewing! Wait for it!) I also am loving how easy this machine is to use. (It also goes as fast or as slow as you need it to go–a GREAT feature when you are getting back into your sewing groove, or learning for the first time. I’ve been doing some quick projects to get a feeling for the machine, and this one was a fun DIY I finished in a few minutes. If you already have a sewing machine, grab a pile of paint chips next time you’re at Home Depot, and one of these handy squeeze punches (I got the hexagon, but they come in a variety of shapes), so you can join me in this paint chip garland DIY. I promise you’ll have a good time.
 Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIY1) Start by punching out all your shapes your trusty puncher.  This DIY would take a lot longer without one of these tools. Make sure your paint chips are big enough for your puncher and you can fit the entire shape on the chip.

2) Thread your sewing machine. I used a lighter color thread so it would look like the shapes were floating on the wall.

3) Start sewing in a straight line across your first shape. Once you get to the end of that chip, let the machine run for an inch or two, and then add the next chip. The machine will stitch even though there is nothing under the presser foot. This creates the garland string between the shapes. Make as long or short of a gap in between chips as you like!

4) Keep adding chips until you reach your desired length.

 Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIY Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIY Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIY Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIY Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIY  Sew Paint Chip Party Garland DIYThe quickest, easiest and most painless DIY, ever. Makes for a super festive party, shower or holiday accessory. Would be really fun if you used several different shapes, or you could hang multiple strings vertically from a chandelier like my cascading flower garland, or in the same way it would make a cool photo backdrop idea too.

Please tag me with end result, I love to see what you make! #makesomething


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February 6, 2017