8 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

Blogging is certainly not a get rich quick scheme. Very few stick with it long enough to see massive growth, because of the diligence, dedication, and consistency it requires. I’ve been blogging over two years now, and although it’s tedious and challenging in so many ways, it’s also the most rewarding aspect of all my online endeavors. Below I share some ideas on how to get more traffic to your blog (that have worked for me).

Take better photos.

Fact: internet users are more apt to click on pretty, high quality photos. Perhaps we are a superficial society, or perhaps the quality of the photo helps the user decipher the quality of the content. I shared my one and only photography rule that has helped me more than anything make a living online. In an environment with so much information to search through, lovely photography will certainly allow you to stand out in a crowd.

Establish a unique voice.

There is A LOT of the same, boring content out there that sounds like it was written by a robot. Be yourself, establish a distinct style, and users will enjoy reading your fresh, original content–and keep coming back for more.

Re-share past content.

It’s not necessary to create fresh content every day, or multiple times a day. Share what you’ve got. We invest a lot of time creating unique and inspiring content, and oddly we don’t take nearly enough time promoting it, save for a quick tweet or a Facebook post.  Then the post seems to fade away into a black blog hole within a few days. Why not revisit your archives? If it was worth creating the content to begin with, it’s undoubtedly still valuable to your readers.

Give something valuable away for free.

People want free (but valuable!) stuff. Create something want-worthy, and announce everywhere you possibly can that you are giving it away for free. I guarantee you’ll get more traffic. (I repeat, it has to have value–not buy generic viagra nz necessarily monetary value, think about giving away something that will help make someone’s life easier.)

Improve your SEO.

There are many WordPress plugins that make this pretty simple. Take the time to fill in your keywords and meta titles, tags and descriptions. Then users can find you organically–heck, if your SEO is in top shape, they can even find you while you’re sleeping! Doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

Pin it.

You are cray if you aren’t using Pinterest (and cray if you aren’t studying how to make it your #1 social platform). Pinterest is a place where people are going to curate knowledge, visuals, inspiration. Basically, I see Pinterest as the place users go to find you, click on you, share you, save you. Yes, you.

My theory:

Facebook is where users connect with personal connections (friends, family, old high school/college friends etc).

Instagram is where users seek like-minded individuals (health/fitness nuts, fashion-crazed, pimple popper-obsessed etc).

Twitter is where users stalk the ridiculous things celebrities have to say.

That leaves Pinterest…where users go to learn, find, click, read, buy, curate, bookmark. (Psssst, 84% of my traffic comes from the good old P, and it’s directly how I grew my email list to 18,000 subscribers.)

In short, get your ass over to Pinterest if you want more traffic.

Send a newsletter.

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit your fanny down, and get to Mailchimpin’.

Create content that helps.

Since moving my work online in 2008, I’ve thrown a lot against the (internet) wall. Let me tell you, not everything sticks. It’s worth mentioning the content that seems to always “win” (generate traffic, engage likes/comments, sign up new subscribers) is 99.9999% of the time content that helps, serves, teaches, demonstrates and just overall generally makes someone’s day a little bit better.

Hope these ideas are helpful to you and your blog!







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