15 Self Care Ideas to Make you Feel Brand New

15 Self Care Ideas to Make You Feel Brand New - SISOO.comI’ve been on a self-care kick since moving to the west coast last summer. I’ve been taking more time for myself now that I’m out of the NYC grind, and let me tell you….it really makes a difference.

It helps that my best friend is also on a self-care kick, so we each time one of us practices self care we let each other know via text. (Usually in all in caps, ha.) “ACUPUNCTURE 2X THIS WEEK!” or “EUCALYPTUS MINT SALT BATH!” When I know she’s taking great care of herself it encourages me to take better care of myself. The buddy system–it’s a thing, because it works!

Here are my favorite self care practices:

1) Exfoliate your feet, shins, hands and elbows.

I’m always surprised at how brand new I feel after a really deep exfoliation of my extremities. I can’t stop looking at them afterward, because they look and feel so sparkly and fresh. This is my #1 practice when I’m feeling blah. I use a DIY coconut oil, salt and essential oil mix to scrub those dead skin cells away. If you’re not into DIY, I love this scrub–it feels seriously warm on your skin.

2) Give yourself a mani-pedi.

I stopped giving myself Essie manicures and pedicures because they would chip in about 3 days. I hate doing salon gel manicures because of the expense and time commitment. My nail game has dramatically improved now that I’ve discovered Revlon’s Colorstay Gel Envy nail polish. It applies and removes like normal nail polish, requires no gel lamp like salon gels, and lasts FoReVeR. This color is my favorite, sort of a bright coral red (see it in action here and here). No joke, it stays like new on my nails for nearly two weeks. Just go get all the colors. And definitely use the top diamond coat. Sorry, Essie! You’ve got great colors but ain’t nobody got time for all your chippin’.

3) Relax in a salt bath.

Baths rule. I can go into the bath feeling one way (achy, tired, puffy, etc) and leave the bath feeling totally renewed. Take. A. Bath. I promise it will only do you good. My favorite bath salt: Dr. Teals Epsom–the Eucalyptus Spearmint is incredible.

4) Sit in the sunshine.

Dolly and I do this daily. We aim for 20 minutes a day of sunshine for optimal vitamin D production. I roll up my sleeves and pants to get as much exposure as I can. We have a favorite park bench outside my apartment. Picture this: I lay flat on said bench and she lays on my tummy. ?

5) Take a 20 minute power nap.

Work from homers: set your timer. I’ve been doing this around 4pm lately and it really helps power me through the evening.

6) Hide your phone in a drawer for the afternoon.

If you can’t cheap viagra canada handle it being away from you, at the very least turn the notifications and/or ringer off.

7) Put your bare feet in the sand or grass.

Connect your body with the earth to feel more grounded. Simple and effective and will instantly change your perspective.

8) Sing in the shower.

Who doesn’t feel awesome while belting out their favorite song? If you can’t get to your nearest karaoke bar, the shower is always a dependable option. I don’t know about you, but a singing session is a huge positivity and energy boost for me. It always makes me feel like I could pretty much do any darn thing I put my mind to (even if I am way off-key).

9) Exfoliate your lips.

Not only will you slough off old lip gunk, you’ll feel confidently kissable in an instant. A simple, fast and effective DIY: mix sugar and coconut oil, scrub over your lips, wipe away with warm wash cloth. No time for DIY? I feel you. You can try this delicious lip scrub for super kissable results too.

10) Make a mini sauna for your face.

I began this habit in high school and have recently reimplemented it for my stubborn nose pores. Take a sauce pan and fill it with half an inch high of water. Bring it to a boil. Throw a towel over the back of your head and lean your face over steam for 10-20 minutes and allow those pores to sing! Or, if this sounds too complicated/you don’t own a sauce pan, try this thing instead.

11) Extract the black heads.

True confession. I love watching Dr. Pimple Popper. (Warning: it’s impossible to tear yourself away once you start watching.) All that poppin’ got me to purchase my own extraction tool. My pores have never looked so good. Try #10 (above) before using this tool for optimal results!

12) Watch sunset with a friend.

Put the phone down and the laptop away.  Go be present with a friend. Watch how the light changes as the sun sets. Reflect on the day. Plan for a new day. Fresh perspective granted every time.

13) Make a fresh green juice.

Fresh pressed green juice always feels like a reset button for me. My favorite blend in my Vitamix is spinach, lemons and pink lady apples.

14) Take a hot tub break.

Make a date with your local hot tub. Many YMCAs or physical therapy locations have one. Let the jets do all the work. Side note, rock this high neck body wrap bikini (I have it in black– it is so comfortable but I still feel stylish).

15) Stretch.

If all else fails you, stretch it out. Not only will you prevent future injury, you’ll also reduce stress, sleep better and feel more energized.

What do you think? Did we leave out your favorite self care practice? Please share in the comments below!







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