10 Reasons to Love Los Angeles

10 Reasons to Love Los Angeles

I’m coming up on 1 year living in Los Angeles at the end of June. Crazy how fast year one went. Although I’ll always consider myself a New Yorker (born in Syracuse and lived in NYC for about 100 years), I value the change of pace and the new perspective moving across the country has given me. Here are some things I’m loving about living in Los Angeles:

Beach bonfires.

Sparklers, s’mores, champagne, sunset, friends. Don’t forget your Beach People round beach towel. (BTW, Dockweiler State Park has fire pits ready for you, just bring your own firewood.)

Endless blooms.

Listen up. This surprised me the most about SoCal. I knew there would be lots of flowers. But I had no idea there would be this many flowers. All the time. The wildflowers are *ENDLESS*. Everywhere I turn something beautiful is blooming. I swear the bougainvillea grows out of dumpsters here.

Palm trees.

The first 6 months living here I felt like I was on vacation. Palm trees? Outside my window?? Where the heck am I? I have adjusted to seeing them everyday now, but I try to never take them for granted. Because palm trees just make me happy.

Road trip possibilities.

I’m loving the abundance of possibilities to explore outside of LA. Palm Springs, San Diego, Laguna, Santa Barbara, Ojai, San Luis Obispo, Malibu…and so many more. Every weekend I could go somewhere new. It’s nice to not feel locked into city and to have so many getaway options.

Succulents. All the Time.

OK, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m kind of addicted to succulent babies… There are so many new ones here that I never saw on the east coast (in the Home Depot garden center, haha). Sometimes I feel like I’m in a Dr. Suess book, there are so many exotic plants I come across in SoCal.

There’s a lemon tree around every corner.

Seriously, is that a lemon tree in your front yard? My life goals are pretty simple: acquire as many labradoodles and lemon trees as possible.

Beachy chic is a style.

I packed up and moved my stash of black pencil skirts and collared blouses from my years in NYC. They are sitting in the back of my closet, untouched for almost a year now. I’m slowly discovering my California style. It involves a lot of sundresses (currently eyeing this beauty), cute canvas sneakers (obsessed with these in ROSE DUST), and denim jackets (this one is my favorite).

So much to do outside.

SoCal’s default setting is 70 degrees and sunny. I didn’t quite believe this fun fact until I lived amongst it for 11 months. I’m finally coming to the realization that no, they weren’t all lying about the weather, this is not some big meteorology fluke. This puffy-coat-wearing born-and-raised-snowman-making-Syracuse-gal is kind of digging this mild climate. Lots of dining al fresco, exercising outdoors, frequenting the dog parks, walking on the beach, and driving around with the top down.


What I love about living in NYC is how different all the neighborhoods feel. You can be walking and within a few blocks the vibe drastically changes. And when you move to new part of town, it was like moving to a new city. Los Angeles is similar. I’m still getting acquainted with the different personalities of the endless nooks and crannies of this city, but I love that it is full of such diversity, and whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here.

Get Inspired, Be Creative.

There is no denying Los Angeles is a city of makers and dreamers. Between the movie industry, the art scene (street art galore!), progressive start-ups and so much more, this is a town of people moving, shaking and thinking forward. It’s hard not to walk/drive/sit in monster traffic (LOL) and not feel incredibly inspired by this town.

Have you been to Los Angeles? What do you love about this town?







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