Your Guide to 30 Days of Self-Care

“Self-care” is so in right now. It can be any activity (or lack of activity) that makes you feel recharged. Self-care is being mindful to what your mind and body need, not ignoring or numbing yourself to what’s required to feel and do your best.

Are you ready to commit to 30 days of continual self-care? There is nothing more important. None of these acts of self care are “hard” to do, and yet many of us will find excuses why we can’t complete 30 consecutive days of self-love. Are you up for the SISOO self-care challenge?

30 Days of Self Care

  1. Put your phone in a drawer for an entire day.
  2. Unfollow people that make you feel anything other than inspired on social media.
  3. Go to bed at 8pm.
  4. Start the day with a 40 minute walk.
  5. Get outside for 1 hour today.
  6. Take a bubble bath. Add candles.
  7. Turn the TV off for the entire day. Put on your favorite music or podcast, lay in bed and listen.
  8. Pamper yourself with a facial mask. I love this one.
  9. Say “no” to an event, meeting or relationship today.
  10. Declutter: your desk, your car, your bedroom, your bathroom. Any or all.
  11. Splurge on an overpriced fresh green juice.
  12. Exfoliate your feet, shins, hands and elbows.
  13. Take a nap.
  14. Take a social media break. All day.
  15. Plan an upcoming adventure.
  16. Make a vision board.
  17. Forgive someone.
  18. Buy yourself a new pillow.
  19. Try a yoga youtube class.
  20. Get up really early and watch the sunrise.
  21. Make a new playlist.
  22. Foam roll for 20 minutes.
  23. Donate 5 things you never use.
  24. Have a candle-lit dinner.
  25. Add an extra contribution to your investment account.
  26. Practice your karaoke skills.
  27. Go to a pet store and hold a puppy.
  28. Assign yourself a new life mantra.
  29. Take a staycation at a local hotel for a night.
  30. Color.

Self-care is not a guilty pleasure; it’s is the backbone to your everyday wellness. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”  Make time for yourself, first and foremost. Leave in the comments your favorite way to take care of yourself and recharge.







I am a lifelong New Yorker who recently swapped the subway for the California sunshine. I've learned the only way out is through--and tough stuff makes you a whole lot stronger. Currently hooked on planning & organization, kombucha, succulents and my labradoodle child. You can usually find me in the #sisoostudio, working on my latest DIY project, designing gemstone & crystal jewelry, daydreaming about one day operating a flower farm, and spreading the Finnish spirit of sisu everywhere I go. Visit me at the links below to connect.