Welcome to the creative, crazy, happy, beautiful world of SISOO. Our aim is to make this a place of unique inspiration for you. We love DIY, all things handmade, and great design. We believe the greatest gift is to be able to inspire others, and hope what you find here inspires you to roll up your sleeves and #makesomething. There is nothing better for the mind & soul than to let your creative side out of its cage once in awhile.

We also hope you find SISOO to be a place of encouragement and motivation if you seek to make a living online. We share tips, tricks and products for blogging, ecommerce, and running a creative web business.

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I’m Sarah, I’ve been a designer/maker/DIYer since I can remember. Throughout life’s ebbs and flows, I’ve always come back to working with my hands. It’s what makes me feel happy, peaceful and purposeful. I love working in the physical world, handling raw materials, putting love and patience into a project. This is my life’s language. Perhaps you are similar, and that’s how you ended up at my blog!

I’m a lifelong New Yorker, but now live and love in sunny Los Angeles. I’m a Libra in every sense, and seek beauty and balance in all things. I am completely and utterly in love with my furbaby, flowers, sunsets, succulents, jewelry and simplifying (but you probably already knew all that if you follow me on Instagram).

Making has always been a big part of my life. And I have always had a natural inclination toward all things digital and the web. These two interests have complimented each other well, and have allowed me to make a living online since 2008. (See my current products here.) I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge over the years, mostly by trial and error! I want to share as much of my experience (the good, the bad, the ugly) with those of you who are interested in making a creative living online as well.

I hope what you find here helps you in small and big ways.


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Growing up, Sarah listened to her father celebrate his Finnish heritage, particularly the philosophy “sisu” which represents the Finnish mentality of indomitable will, strength, perseverance and resilience. (UrbanDictionary.com defines sisu really well.)

“Sisoo” is a play on the Finnish spelling. (In fact, the “u” is replaced with the double “o” in honor of Sarah’s two sisters.) Sisu is the backbone and motivation in all that we do, a part of our business DNA, and the reason we keep creating.

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How to: DIY Marble Coasters


  1. Reply

    Corrina Maslanka

    February 5, 2015

    Hi Sarah!

    I’m not exactly sure what constitutes commercial purposes, but I was wondering if you ever grant permission to use your downloads for use in the design of personal calling cards? (I’m a grad student so it’s not really a business card…)

    I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for your help and advice!


  2. Reply


    August 31, 2015


    I wanted to let you know that I have included your coaster craft ideas in our top list of DIY craft ideas.


    I would be honored if you checked it out and if you love it, feel free to share it on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Keep on crafting!

    • Reply


      September 2, 2015

      Thank you so much for including my coasters!! xoxo Sarah

  3. Reply


    November 25, 2016

    In your 2017 planner is there any month at a glance type pages along with the awesome daily pages? Thank you for all the inspiration that you share…

    • Reply


      November 26, 2016

      Hi Dawn, there are no monthly views, just the daily, but I’ll keep this in mind for future planners!