For Your Walls

was pleasantly surprised at the great response from my first tech-sessories wallpaper download, so I thought I would cheap viagra from china turn them (and more) into prints for your walls.  12 unique designs available at Sisoo.


The (Many) Emotions of a Furbaby

this little stinker red-handed! When I’m busy working, my furbaby (25 lb labradoodle from Manor Lake) loves to get my attention by stealing something from my bedroom (usually a sock or a bra) and attempts to destroy it in front of me. Check out her range can u buy viagra at cvs of emotions ending in regret, (and…

DIY Mug Makeover

a fun DIY project that is chic and simple, and the results are endless. This mug makeover can spruce up old boring mugs in your cabinets, or they make great gifts any time of the year. Check out my how-to below.

Plain white ceramic mug or coffee set
Metallic gold paint…

Tech-sessories for You

tech accessories (tech-sessories) for all! Designing these wallpapers is therapeutic for me, and a great way to use my favorite quotes (and show off my Photoshop skills!).  I love updating my wallpaper on my computer to fit my mood or current project. It’s a space that helps me stay organized and motivated.  Click on…

Sneak Peak: Bespoke Sisoo

working on this beauty…I will be sharing more of my intricate, luxurious, *one of a kind* styles with rhinestones PLUS gemstones! It’s like old Sisoo meets new Sisoo. This is simply a design layout. Can’t buy viagra online uk next day delivery wait to solder and plate when I have a few…

Protein Power Balls

These are my favorite on the go, protein packed snacks! As a “flexitarian” (I’m pretty much vegetarian on my own, but I’ll eat seafood & chicken socially), I’m always looking for efficient protein sources.  When my protein intake is high, my energy is too!  Eating mostly vegetarian, it’s easy to…

Horsing Around

in the saddle!  Aczeb surprised me with a morning trail ride in Hyde Park, NY at Netherwood Acres this weekend, to celebrate my birthday. It was THE BEST birthday gift ever, one I will never forget.

As an animal lover, just being in the presence of these stunning thoroughbreds is awesome, and…

Hello Dolly

little girl.  My sweet, soft, smiling, loyal friend. She is a heartbeat, on 4 furry legs. Most dogs are food buy generic viagra online reddit motivated, she is cuddle motivated. How will I ever repay her for all the love she gives me?

Inspiration of the Week

Why don’t we carve a pumpkin:
2) Love: Found on
3) Cake by Dannijo
4) Bloom (2003) by Anna Schuleit (found on Tumblr)
5) Sunset Balloon Cluster:
6) Tablescape: found on
7) Lady Frose shot by Nadine Ijewere: Found here.
8) Succulents: Found on tumbler.
9) Crystal shoe: Badgley Mischka, found on Pinterest.

Hot Air Balloon Bliss

sweet sister Toby and I found ourselves awake at 5am this past Saturday to catch a ride in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley.  A balloon ride has been on my to do list for years, and I must say, it was even better than I expected. It was spectacular.