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How to: Distressed Denim & Crystal Bermuda Shorts

I recently came into a boatload of sew-on crystals, and now I want to embroider them onto *everything* in my life. I made a faborama fancy necklace for my Emmy Awards adventure and since then have been eyeballing everything, with a “are you bedazzalable?” glare. I pinned these sweet jeans from Anthropologie awhile back, and came across them again and it…

Red Duck Boot Love

My most favorite boots are back this season! I am always getting comments about these sweet red duck boots by Sperry. I’m not kidding, these boots are by far the most complimented things in my wardrobe. I feel like my feet are just happier while wearing them. I love that they are fleece-lined and have a side zip for…

Life in Colors: #1 Mustard

I love the color mustard, especially during wintertime to brighten up a dreary cold day.  It’s bright, happy, and falls into my (made up) category: “bold neutral”. I hope you enjoy these shopping links I found at some of my favorite online shops! 1. Baby golden rod moccasins from Freshly Picked, 2. Kennebunk Home ‘Bliss’ Plush Throw from Nordstrom, 3….

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