plan your every

1. Download the planner

What's Included:

‣  Perpetual daily planner including 7 printable sheets for each day of the week.

‣  Blank box for daily determination.

‣  Blank box for quote of the day.

‣  5am through 12am hourly blank spaces.

‣  4 life to do priorities checkboxes.

‣  4 work to do priorities checkboxes.

‣  Blank spaces for meal & snack tracking.

‣  4 large bonus free spaces to make your own, to dive deeper into project specifics, decorate with stickers, or add your own custom section!

‣  Blank box for gratitude of the day.


3. Pick a binding option

Binding Options:

Once your planner is printed you can select one of the below options to bind it:

‣  Use a good old fashioned three ring binder. This will require punching holes in all the pages of your printables.

‣  Most office supply stores can punch and bind your planner into a notebook for you.
‣  Use the Discbound system, including discs, hole-puncher, covers and accessories.

Check out this binding machine.
Yes, DIY your own spiral notebooks! It's so incredibly user-friendly. The possibilities are endless!!


Hi! I'm Sarah

+ planner addict!

I was drawn to planning in 2015 when I shattered my knee into 20+ pieces. My life felt entirely out of control while I was stuck on bedrest for 2+ months. I was on so many painkillers I didn't know what day it was. I was so out of sorts I mailed my income tax check twice. (I finally got refunded 2 years later). I knew I had to show up for physical therapy 3 times a week for about 4 hours a day, but everything else was a big overwhelming blur. 

Each day that passed I appreciated my health more, and promised to make the most of every single day once I was back on my feet. I made slow & steady progress with the recovery and got off the pain killers around month seven. When my head cleared from the drugs, I went into super-productive mode. 

I was making so many notes, trying to organize my post-recovery feelings of wanting to get back in the saddle and conquer everything all at once. I thought, "There must be a way to organize all this ambition on paper!?"

And so I designed a planner to suit my exact needs, and quickly saw results in my organization, productivity, creativity and mindfulness. I was hooked. And officially, I declared myself a #planneraddict.

I now offer the planner as a free download here on my site. I offer it for free because I hope it has as big of impact on your life as it had on mine. 

I'll never forget the feeling I had when I sat down with that first planner, because I still have the same feeling every time I sit down to plan. The feeling I feel is infinite possibility.  

I hope you can experience that feeling of infinite possibility each time you sit down with the Sisoo planner. Planning has seriously rocked my world --I hope it rocks yours too!


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download. print. plan.
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