Valentine Mason Jar Bouquets


Day is almost here! Here’s a quick and beautiful way to surprise your loved ones. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE mason jars. I always keep a hearty supply of them in my apartment. I use them for food storage, water storage (no more drinking out of re-used plastic bottles), hot tea, shaking homemade salad dressing, candle-making, vases, I even store pencils/pens and my jewelry making tools in them. Thank you Mr. Mason Jar, for existing!

mason jars

Ribbon (I adore this hand-dyed ribbon from M&J Trimming in wild rose color)



Trim flowers so that they arrange nicely in your mason jar. I like to cut flowers the length of whatever vase they are in. I hate seeing the stems of flowers–the purpose is to see the petals! So if you are using a taller vase, cut the stems longer, if you are using a shorter vase, cut the stems shorter, ya dig? The no stem showing rule will create more of a bulbous effect with your bouquet, especially if you cut the stems at slightly varying heights.

Wrap a ribbon around each jar twice, and finish with a bow. I like to leave the mouth lid on the jar–I think it looks more complete. Don’t forge to add water!

Valentine-mason-jar-bouquets hand-dyed-silk-ribbon-mj-trimming Valentine-mason-jar-bouquet Valentine-mason-jar-bouquet-3




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February 10, 2015