May the Sisoo spirit be with you! Download, print, and trim these free printable planner stickers for your journal or planner.

Free Printable Planner Stickers – Get the Sisoo Spirit



Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers



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Being a work-from-home mama has required me to become a next-level planner and productivity nerd. I share digital and printable resources custom-designed to run my life, hoping they will help you run your life, too.

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I designed these printable planner stickers to use with the free Sisoo planner printable. (But you can use them anywhere!) I created them to motivate and inspire your Sisoo Spirit.

What's sisoo? And why did I choose the word as the name of this blog?

Sisoo is a spin on the word sisu, which translates to the Finnish art of inner strength, endurance, tenacity, and determination. It's the perseverance to defeat any obstacle in your way.

Sisu is an inherent spirit of Finnish culture. It is the will and integrity to overcome, no matter the odds, and to do so with a smile.

It's an attitude never to back down or quit, to try something because it's hard, and to not complain while you're going through something difficult.

My Finnish father loved to explain it as "having intestinal fortitude!" or... GUTS.

I love opening up my planner to see these inspiring stickers that remind me to get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.

These stickers remind me of my purpose!

I hope they keep you inspired on your journey and remind you to never give up on what feels challenging.

Scroll to the bottom of the post to grab these free printable planner stickers.

Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers
Printable Planner Stickers
download. print. trim.
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December 3, 2023

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