This weekly planner free printable will add order to your life as you begin each new week. Print it or use it digitally with your iPad!

Weekly Planner Free Printable with Morning, Afternoon, Evening Blocks



weekly planner free printable
weekly planner free printable



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I designed a new weekly planner free printable, and have been using it for a few months. It’s time I shared it here!

I love the layout; the minimal design will calm your brain and offer a clean perspective to your week.

 I love that it breaks the day into three simple blocks: morning, afternoon, and evening.

It’s a similar layout to my free brain dump printable.

I like to jot down everything for the upcoming week on Sunday before the week starts.

Here are all the things I add to my weekly planner printable:

  • appointments
  • meetings
  • meal plans
  • to do tasks
  • deadlines
  • reminders
  • projects
  • social obligations
  • self care goals

Read on to learn how I schedule my week once I’ve dumped the details onto this printable!

Scroll to the end for the free weekly planner printable

weekly planner free printable

Why use a weekly planner printable?

There are many awesome reasons to use a weekly planner printable:

  • determine a plan for the week
  • be more intentional with your time
  • get more accomplished
  • set important reminders
  • plan activities for each day
  • capture every task, goal, or action item you wish to tackle
  • know what to expect every day
  • start and end your week feeling more in control

Features of this free weekly planner printable

With this free weekly planner printable, there is space to:

  • plan your mornings, afternoons, and evenings
  • list your daily to-do's
  • remind yourself of meetings and appointments
  • write down who you need to call
  • remember who you need to email
  • determine the meals of the week
  • make time for things you need to buy
  • work chores & errands into your schedule 
  • plan a daily self-care activities
  • write out any additional notes
weekly planner free printable

Plan and organize all the aspects of your week

Stop waking up unsure of what each day will bring. This weekly planner printable will help bring productivity and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Using a weekly planner is an essential tool to help you stay motivated and productive. It is a simple tool that will help you take control of your life and get organized.

how to use the weekly planner printable

There are many ways to use this planner; I use it as the first step in planning my week.

It works best for me if I sit with this planner on Sunday and list out every item coming up for the week. 

I list out work deadlines, appointments and meetings, birthdays to remember, meal plans, chores and errands, work-outs and walks, activities with my daughter, grocery hauls, dog park play dates, and more.

Once it is all out of my head and written in the right block of the day (morning, afternoon, or evening), it's super easy to schedule each item into hourly slot on my phone calendar.

I schedule items from the printable into my iCalender but you can use whatever calendar works for you.

The idea is this printable acts as a brain dump for your week, and then transferring it to your device helps you access it anywhere, plus it's easy to edit items as needed!


  1. Enter the most important priorities first. i like to use a highlighter to make my most important items stand out.
  2. Definitely use colored labels to make your digital calendar easier to read.
  3. Leave plenty of spare time. Booking every hour of your day is probably too aggressive and you'll feel overwhelmed.
  4. Consider sharing your calendar with your spouse/significant other for maximum productivity and communication!

Don’t want to print? use it as a digital planner with your ipad

If you prefer to keep your planning digital, you could also import the planner to your iPad using the GoodNotes app

weekly planner free printable

How to get this free weekly planner printable

Get instant access to the weekly planner by dropping your name and email address below. You'll get access to the file right away. Happy planning!

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December 8, 2023

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