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    ok ok! So I’m beginning to think you all like succulents as much as I do! Last week’s succulent ice cream wrapper printable was such a hit, I decided to offer the same watercolor succulents as printable stickers. Just print on sticker paper and cut around the faint gray outline and stick wherever there is a succulent lacking in your life! Scroll to end of this post for high resolution download.

    Printable Succulent Sticker Download from thesarahjohnson.comPrintable Succulent Sticker Download from thesarahjohnson.comPrintable Succulent Sticker Download from

    :: click to download succulent stickers

    Hope you enjoy these beauties!

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    Update! As of February 2017, you can purchase succulent stickers, printed, kiss cut, ready to stick!



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      Jackie Walters

      July 30, 2016

      Hi Sarah,
      We are succulent growers in West Michigan. I have been thinking about a sticker that shows a succulent like what you have, which are just awesome. I would like to have added “GROWN IN MICHIGAN”. Is it possible for you to design something like this for us? If so, how much would it cost for you to do that? You can see our business on Facebook – Harold Walters Nursery and also JW Succulents.
      Thank you for your time,
      Jackie Walters