How to: Bejeweled Notebook

How to: Bejeweled Notebook DIYI’ve
been looking for a new notebook; I write down everything that I need to do or remember. I’ve tried using iPhone apps for my daily notes, quotes, and lists, but there is just something about manually writing it all down that better helps me.

I came across Eccolo journals the other day. I love their bright, clean covers–but I wanted to spruce them up to make them more unique. I’m attached to my notebook to guide me through my work days, I might as well give it a makeover, right? As you may know, I’m a jewelry designer, so I have a plethora of flat back cabochons laying around. I love how the final look turned out! This project is quick and easy, once you have the right supplies.

Flat back cabochons (check my SISOOsupplies shop for endless options!

E6000 glue

Notebook (preferably one without any writing or logos on the cover)

Ruler cialis vs viagra buy online & flat surface

How to: Bejeweled Notebook DIY How to: Bejeweled Notebook DIYHow to: Bejeweled Notebook DIY

How to: Bejeweled Notebook DIY

If the cover of your notebook is curling up, place a ruler on the edge to keep it flat while you arrange your design. (Do you like my “Sarah” ruler? I’ve had that thing since I was 8!)

How to: Bejeweled Notebook DIY

Once you decide the layout of your design, place a generous dot of E6000 glue on the back side of each cabochon. Press firmly onto the cover. You’ll have a few minutes to adjust until the glue dries. Keep the ruler on the cover’s edge while the glue dries.

Give the notebooks about 20-30 minutes to dry. And voila! It’s as easy as that. These make great gifts too!

How to: Bejeweled Notebook DIY How to: Bejeweled Notebook DIYHow to: Bejeweled Notebook DIYHow to: Bejeweled Notebook DIYHow to: Bejeweled Notebook DIYHow to: Bejeweled Notebook DIY

Happy bejeweling!



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    February 10, 2015

    I love the cabochons you used in your journal tutorial but I’m having trouble finding them on Etsy. Would you mind sharing which shop you purchased these from? Thanks!

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      February 10, 2015

      Hi! Thanks! Search for “czech cabochons”. I source my stones from all over, not just one shop!

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        Maureen Vickery

        February 13, 2015

        Thanks for the tip!