How to: Faux Druzy Magnets

I came across something amazing: glass glitter. You probably thought I was going to make jewelry with this blingy supply! But I’m here to keep you on your DIY toes, so instead, I surprise you with…faux druzy MAGNETS! I am not really into a lot of clutter posted on my fridge, but I am REALLY into druzy. The magnets turned out perfectly, and have an organic, textured, clean and modern feeling, which I plan to use on my fridge to showcase a few of my photos, and important wedding save the dates from friends I adore. It’s a pretty quick DIY and you need only a few supplies. Go on…get your druzy on!

10 Brass round bezels with a high wall (any size, mine are round 15mm and 18mm)

Glass glitter

Mod Podge (what would I do without Mod Podge!!?)

small paintbrush

strong magnets (I used 3/4″ diameter)

E6000 glue


Lay out your bezels on a flat surface with a piece of paper underneath. If you are using more than one color glass glitter, use a different piece of paper under each color group of bezels. With your paint brush, take a bit of Mod Podge and coat the bottom of each bezel. Sprinkle the glass glitter until the glue is completely coated. Give a minute for the glass to settle and tap out the excess glass onto the paper. Let the first layer dry. Once it’s dry to the touch, add another layer of Mod Podge and sprinkle more glass glitter on top. Tap off excess glass glitter onto paper. Repeat until your bezel is full! Remove bezels from paper, and fold paper so that you can pour the excess glitter back into the tubes. Let the bezels dry for several hours before adhering the magnets to the backside with E6000. (Check which side sticks to your fridge before gluing the magnets!) Let the E6000 dry for several hours. Boom…your faux druzy magnets are complete.


I hope you love this project! The magnets have such a polished look to them. They would be fun to make in one color and in different sizes. I love love love the silver ones against my silver fridge. They blend in, but add a subtle sparkle.

As always, please tag me in your creations! Happy druzyin’!



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    Nikki @ Tikkido

    July 2, 2015

    Lovely! I’ve been swooning over those geode-type jewelry pieces, too, but had no idea they had a name! Now I know what to search for. 😉