How to: Seashell Tea Light Candles

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIYWith
summer approaching, and anticipation of lots of quality beach time, I’ve been obsessed lately with all things shell. (Top secret: shell jewelry surprise collection coming soon to! Shhhh.) I found these scallop seashells on Etsy and had some extra candle supplies from this DIY and this DIY, so I thought I’d whip up these little glowing delights to scatter across a dinner table, or to serve as an accent with some larger candles.

This project took about 15 minutes from start to finish–it couldn’t be easier. But I will caution, the shells that you choose are important. If you choose the wrong shells, these candles may have a very short burn time. I chose these from Etsy, but only a few of them were deep enough to burn for a significant amount of time. The deeper the shell, the more buried the wick is in wax, therefore the slower the wick burns, and the longer the candle lasts. So when choosing what shells, consider depth as most the most important feature! I may get a little crazy and try this DIY in a shell like this one or this one.

  1. shells with depth (1″ deep or more is ideal!)
  2. wicks with wick stickers 
  3. choice of candle wax (I used soy)
  4. fragrance or essential oil (optional)
Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

Spread your shells out on a flat surface, upside down.

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

Place the wick stickers at the deepest part of the bottom of the shell.

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

Get your wicks ready and straighten them–sometimes they get bendy in the bag.

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

Stick each wick to the center of the sticker. Trim the wicks, but not too short, leave a little excess above where you think the wax will fill up to.

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

Melt your wax.

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

Add fragrance oil, if desired, and stir thoroughly in the melted wax. Pour as much wax as the shell can take, don’t overfill, as the shell might tip and overflow.

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

Let wax cool and harden. Once the wax looks opaque, gently place them in the fridge to cool all the way through for about 30 minutes.. If you light them before they are solidified all the way through, the wick will burn through that much faster.

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY

They are ready to go!

Seashell Tea Light Candle DIY



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    Cindy Tesler

    December 7, 2016

    Thanks for mentioning that you can find some great holders for your tealight candles. You also said that the containers that you choose will greatly depend on how long of the candle’s burn time goes. I think it’s a good idea to choose a tea light candle that also has aromatherapeutic smells that are strong so that it can make your whole house smell great.