How to: Tall Skinny Birch Succulent


This might be the easiest DIY in the world, and it looks SO LOVELY! The birch and succulent combination is my new obsession. I have this little baby in the corner of my home office so that each time I look up, I can see it. It makes me so happy. You only need TWO (count ’em 2!) supplies for this DIY, and the supplies themselves are literally the DIY, because there is only one step. Scroll down to learn how!

-4.75″ wide x 9″ tall birch covered vase (I got mine at

-large succulent (or plant) in a 4.75″ wide and 3.75″ tall plastic pot (Aczeb found me one in the flower district in NYC, but you might also check Amazon, your local florist, or Home Depot)


All you need to do is put the succulent, as is, into the vase. No soil, rock foundation, nothing at all required! Because the width of the vase and pot are the same, the temporary plastic pot fits perfectly into the tall skinny vase. And the best part, you can pop out that plastic pot and take it to the sink to water (since the vase does not have a hole at the bottom). This would be great with any succulent or plant. I love the elegant look of the tall skinny vase. It’s also great for clustering plants together to give interesting depths in height.succulent-tall-skinny-birch-vase-4succulent-tall-skinny-birch-vase-3succulent-tall-skinny-birch-vase-ALL

Please tag me in your creations, I love to see how your projects turn out!



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June 26, 2015