I’ve been looking everywhere for a flat ring chain with a chunky connector. I’m getting pretty good at the “deep google.” Honestly, I can track down just about any supply I need on the web. I finally realized this mystery chain I’ve been on the hunt for…

How to: Jump Ring & Connector Earrings





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jump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-modeljump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-doneI’ve been looking everywhere for a flat ring chain with a chunky connector. I’m getting pretty good at the “deep google.” Honestly, I can track down just about any supply I need on the web. I finally realized this mystery chain I’ve been on the hunt for doesn’t exist, and the chain I’m looking for, is actually hand-assembled, using jump rings and connectors. It’s too easy.

Not only am I happy that I can make as much of this chain as I need with a few materials, but I also can get pretty creative with these jump rings and connectors. One thing leads to another, isn’t that always the way in the handmade world?

So behold, all that deep googling has lead me to create these dramatic, hand-assembled earrings in just a few steps. If you’re fast with your hands, these will take you under an hour to make. Your pals will be astonished that you made these sophisticated danglers from scratch! I call them my “Beyonce concert earrings”. There is something very rock ‘n roll badass, and also feminine and elegant about them (kinda like Bey). Feel free to get creative with your silhouette, the possibilities are endless. Scroll down to see a slightly different shape I made in addition to the earrings pictured above.


Jump rings (mine are 12mm in size)

Connectors (I found mine at Metalliferous in NYC, but you can find some here)

Round nose pliers

E6000 Glue (For the ear posts, but I recommend soldering* if you know how!)

2 ear posts with backs



Get your materials ready by closing all your jump rings so they lay perfectly flat. (Alternately you could purchase closed jump rings, sometimes they are more expensive, depending on what material you choose). Be sure to use round nose pliers, any other type of plier will leave marks on the front of the connectors.jump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-layout-2Roughly plan out your silhouette. It doesn’t have to be perfect–you can http://www.honeytraveler.com/buy-cipro/ always add or take away rings and connectors very easily. Start with a basic shape, and plan where your connectors go. It might help to sketch it out or take a picture and mark the places that need connectors like I did below.

jump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-layoutUse an extra connector at the very top, that is where your ear post will attach. Also, keep in mind that many of the rings will have multiple connectors attached, so that the earrings are reinforced, stable, and lay flat.

When you are done planning, start attaching the rings together with the connectors. I find it’s easiest to do one at a time, otherwise the rings will fall off.jump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-connectorsjump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-pinching-pliersHold the rings in your fingertips, and using the round nose pliers, pinch each side of the connector closed with the ring inside. Be sure that the backs of all the connectors are facing the same way, so the front of the earring doesn’t show any “seams”.jump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-closeupIf the earring is not laying flat, go over all your connectors again. Pinch and tighten them so the rings have less wiggle room. You’ll start to see a very cool design emerge the more connectors and rings you add! Flip the earring over to check out the front (again, all the seams will be in the back).

jump-ring-connector-earrings-diy-5Almost done! Flip the earrings back over to attach the ear posts. Use a dot of E6000 glue and let dry for many hours, or if you know how, solder* the ear posts to the back of the top connector.


You could also glue or solder* small rhinestones or gemstones in settings to either 1) the bottom and sides of each ring or 2) on the front side of each connector.

I hope you have fun with this DIY. As always, please tag me with your creations!

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June 24, 2015

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