The poster putty that actually works… and a cheat sheet to build your own gallery wall!

DIY Gallery Wall at the Sisoo Studio



gallery wall of posters
gallery wall of posters



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Can’t believe I’ve been in the #sisoostudio for more than a year now! Time flies when you are….organizing! I’m still organizing and probably will be for a long time. My DIY supplies and jewelry findings/components/beads are endless….but its OK, because I LOVE creating a space where everything has a place, and everything is in its place!

The main white wall is the first thing I see when I walk in from the double doors, and it was driving me a little crazy because it was so empty and blah. So I did several deep searches on Society6 to find some perfect prints. It helped to keep my studio palette inspiration in front of me as I added prints to my cart. (There are so many beautiful prints it’s easy to get carried away!) My goal was to create a true art studio-inspired wall. Nothing too tightly aligned or structured.

The prints arrived and are thick and very high quality. Society6 offers to frame them for you as well. I’m planning to eventually put more peg or cork boards on this wall (for further organizing space!), so I skipped the framing option, and simply stuck each print to the wall with THE MOST BADASS POSTER PUTTY.

I tried washi tape. WISHFUL THINKING. The prints are too heavy. I tried some whatever generic poster putty. NOPE. Then I tried regular tape…OH HECK NO.

I finally found the solution. I highly recommend THIS POSTER PUTTY. It really is as good as the reviews say. It solved all my print-hanging problems! And I will be able to remove it from the backside of the prints when I need to take them down or rearrange them on the wall. Hallelujah!

Here is a cheat sheet to my gallery layout here. I included each print’s size in the mock-up. I hope it helps you build your very own gallery wall! Use my exact layout, or print and trim and arrange a new layout.

Cactus & Roses Art Print in extra large 28X38″

Love Art Print in medium 17X21″

Mid Century Modern Minimalist Abstract Art Brush Strokes Black & White Ink Art Spiral

Nordic Horse Print in small 13X18″

Labradorite Macro Art Print in small 13X17″

Black and White Mid Century Modern Circles Abstract Art Print in large 22X28″

Minimalism 1 Art Print in medium 22X17″

Abstract Geometric 11 Art Print in medium 17X22″

Vacay Art Print in medium 17X23″

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December 16, 2019

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