It is possible to bring home a beautiful, cozy, divine-smelling candle that won’t add unnecessary harmful chemicals into your space!

7 Phthalate-Free Candles That Won’t Harm Your Health



Phthalate Free Candles
Phthalate Free Candles



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Since being on a fertility journey after marrying my husband in 2020 (check out our DIY wedding), I've started paying attention to the toxins surrounding me. I've tuned into not just the food I put into my mouth but all the chemicals I use in our home, products I put on my body, and toxins I breathe daily.

For example, I'm a huge candle lover—I make them, buy them, and gift them. My close friends often receive my evening "CANDLE O'CLOCK!" text to ensure they have one lit and feel all the cozy. Subsequently, I've officially switched to phthalate-free candles, and I want you to too!

When I started our fertility journey I didn't know how disruptive so many mainstream, mass-manufactured, cheap candles can be to our overall health and fertility. (I'm looking at you, Anthropologie, and Target!)

What did I learn? Not all candles are equal—that's an understatement! 


You might be wondering, what the heck are phthalates?

Phthalates are a common chemical ingredient used in manufacturing cheap fragrance oils. They help the fragrance extend its aromatic strength.

Without getting too scientific, phthalates are in many scented products (so you should look out for them in perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, and more!).

Unfortunately, they belong to a group of endocrine disruptors that affect your hormonal balance and can cause reproductive and fertility issues, among many other health problems. (Read more on the health detriments of phthalates here.)

There are other toxic factors to consider when bringing a candle into your sacred space, like type of wax and type of wick. But in my research, I've found that if it's phthalate-free, 99% of of the time the rest of the candle is non-toxic too (parrafin-free, paraben-free, and lead-free).

How to identify phthalates?

It is almost impossible to identify phthalates as an ingredient in a product because (gasp!) there is no law they must be on the product's ingredient list. Usually, phthalates are part of the fragrance ingredients listed simply as "fragrance."

As a result, the only way to ensure that the item is phthalate-free is by choosing a product that promises it is phthalate-free on its packaging, branding, or website.

Below I rounded up my favorite candles made with phthalate-free premium fragrance oils, natural essential oils, or a blend of both.

So it is possible to bring home a beautiful, cozy, divine-smelling candle that won't add unnecessary harmful chemicals into your space!

This post is all about Phthalate-Free Candles.

Image by Sugar and Salt Candle Co / Etsy

sugar & salt candle co SOY BLEND CANDLES

Designer Carlie Queen makes these hand-poured luxurious wood wick phthalate-free candles in Lincoln, NE. She crafts her candles to flood your room with a captivating aroma while also creating a relaxing atmosphere through the soothing crackling sounds each wick makes while burning. Try these handmade creations to experience a magical burning experience, support a handmade business, and keep your home phthalate-free!

Image by Mrs. Meyers / Amazon


You probably already know the famous Mrs. Meyer's dish and hand soaps. Their products are "rooted in goodness," and their candle line is no exception. These adorable soy candles consist of soy wax and 100% essential oils. These tins of wholesome scented goodness are less than $5, so stock up now!

Image by Remilia Hair Store / Amazon


Experience a naturally relaxing atmosphere with the Cosmo candle. Each candle is hand-poured with custom-blended and nature-inspired essential oils to create calming zen to your space. The reviews boast a warming aroma, long burn time, and top-notch aesthetics and packaging. 

Image by Sweet Water Decor Candles / Amazon


Sweet Water Decor offers an adorable quoted soy candle line that makes for the perfect gift for any occasion. From Mother's day, birthdays, wedding wishes, and more, this company has you covered with high-quality candles that will "bring light into your life and home," but leave the  phthalates at the door!

Image by P.F. CANDLE CO / Amazon


P.F. Candle Co. offers a super-stylish Sunset Line of 10 oz premium phthalate-free candles. They are ideal for adding designer vibes to your space, and evoking nostalgic, earth-toned motifs, sun shapes, and horizon lines inspired by California scenery. Available in four scents representing your favorite time of day and the feelings they spark within you. 

Image by Brooklyn Candle Studio / Amazon

Brooklyn Candle studios SOY CANDLES

Brooklyn Candle Studio's mission is to create candles with captivating scents, a beautiful minimalist design, and the best ingredients. Their candles are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and 100% vegan. Not only are their candles up to standard, additionally all Brooklyn Candle Studio employees earn fair wages and benefits: paid time off and subsidized healthcare, dental, and vision. Now that's a candle to light up.

phthalate free candles

Image by Urban Outfitters / Good & Well Supply Co.

Good & Well Supply Co. National Park SOY Candle COLLECTION

Good & Well Supply Co's all-natural soy candles are handcrafted to impart the scents of the wild and pristine lands of America's National Parks. They're vegan, cruelty-free, and poured in small phthalates-free batches in Seattle, WA. In addition, this company advocates for and supports public lands through annual donations to the National Park Foundation and Washington National Park Fund.

This post WAS all about Phthalate-Free Candles.


Phthalate Free Candles
Phthalate Free Candles
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June 22, 2022

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