Not all perfumes are created equally! Check out these phthalate-free scents that smell great–and won’t harm your health.

7 Phthalate-Free Perfumes That Won’t Harm Your Health



Phthalate-Free Perfumes
Phthalate-Free Perfumes

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I began paying attention to the toxins in my products when I had trouble getting pregnant in 2021. I've tuned into not just the food I put into my mouth but all the chemicals I use in our home and the products I put on my body.

(To note, I thankfully gave birth to our daughter in 2022, so perhaps cutting products with sketchy chemicals and toxins helped!)

When I started my fertility journey I had no idea that something as wonderful smelling as perfume could be harmful to my body, overall health, and reproductive system.

What did I learn? Not all perfumes are equal—that's an understatement! 

I've officially switched to phthalate-free perfumesand want you to, too!


What the heck are phthalates?

Phthalates are a common chemical ingredient used in manufacturing cheap fragrance oils. They help the fragrance extend its aromatic strength.

Without getting too scientific, phthalates are in many scented products (so you should look out for them in candles, lotions, cosmetics, and more!).

Phthalates belong to a group of endocrine disruptors that affect your hormonal balance and can cause reproductive and fertility issues, among many other health problems.

(Read more on the health detriments of phthalates here.)

How to identify phthalates?

It is almost impossible to identify phthalates as an ingredient in a product because (gasp!) there is no law they must be on the product's ingredient list. Usually, phthalates are part of the fragrance ingredients listed simply as "fragrance."

As a result, the only way to ensure that the item is phthalate-free is by choosing a product that promises it is phthalate-free on its packaging, branding, or website.

Below, I rounded up seven of my favorite phthalate-free perfumes.

I hope this round-up helps you consider refreshing your signature scent with one you know doesn't include unnecessary harmful chemicals that can mess with your health.

This post is all about Phthalate-Free PERFUMES.

warm cotton perfume by clean

Image by Sephora


Warm Cotton smells like the comforting scent of newly laundered cotton sheets straight from the dryer. Every fragrance from Clean Beauty is sustainably sourced with fine ingredients or tried-and-true synthetics. Clean Beauty proudly says they always put the customer and the environment first.

child perfume

Image by Anthropologie


CHILD Perfume remains a rare jewel for those in the know. It is coveted by fragrance lovers all over the globe for its blend of white florals, jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, and magnolia, which is an intimate, feminine sensuality in a bottle. It's an exclusive artisanal perfume that is hand-crafted and poured in small batches. (Note: This fragrance is not for children.) It's an alcohol-free blend of natural and nature-identical perfume essences and is free from phthalates, parabens, SLS, and silicone.

by rosie jane james perfume

Image by Sephora

James Perfume BY ROSIE JANE

A fragrance that smells like "standing on the porch during a rain storm / cozy and earthy." By/rosie jane is a clean, cool, everyday beauty and fragrance brand dedicated to feeling good, smelling good, and doing good. Rosie, a native Aussie, created a collection of clean, safe products that says NO to over 4000 yucky ingredients.

solid perfume stick by perfumies

Image by Perfumies


Prepare to get kissed a lot, wearing this dark, sensual, and flirty solid fragrance. Perfumies is a collection of all-natural, small-batch, travel-friendly, fun, flirty, and fabulous solid perfume sticks created by yours truly. My formula omits toxic ingredients like phthalates and parabens because simple, nature-based ingredients are far superior. Products that make you smell great shouldn't contain ingredients you can't pronounce. My collection includes 48 unique scents made with TLC here in the USA.

father figure perfume by PHLUR

Image by Sephora

Father Figure Eau De Parfum by PHLUR

Father Figure is "a vivid green fragrance that captures the intimate feeling of cool." Phlur states, "We partner with the world's leading fragrance suppliers to ensure we are utilizing sustainable natural materials and being respectful of the environment. We may often choose to use nature-identical synthetics [alongside natural ingredients] because it's a more sustainable or thoughtful choice while offering broader fragrance possibilities to our perfumers to develop true fine fragrance creations."

13 Moons perfume Sample Set
Olivine Atelier

Image by Olivine Atelier / Etsy

13 Moons Sample Set
Olivine Atelier

Owner Julie Wray states, "There is no regulation in the perfume industry - anyone can say they make their perfumes with essential oils when they very clearly are not. It's kind of the Wild West out there, and it's always best to purchase from a company you love and trust." Julie uses a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils that are non-toxic, phthalate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Phthalate free perfume sample set by sephora

Image by Sephora

Clean Perfume Sampler Set by SEPHORA

This non-toxic sample set makes the best gift for the clean beauty lover. The set comes with nine sample-size fragrances ranging in florals to warm & spicy to fresh solars. Choose your favorite, and then take the included scent certificate to any US Sephora store or to redeem for a full size of your favorite featured fragrance at no extra cost. 

This post WAS all about Phthalate-Free PERFUME.


Phthalate-Free perfumes
Phthalate-Free perfumes


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October 8, 2023

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